“Money….Its a gas; I’m allright Jack, keep yer hands off’a my stack”

Finally we have the schedule for next year’s computer science department in order. Now we just need to find money. As annoying as it is to contend with, education is expensive. I am doing all within my power to keep the cost down. We are doing Greenfoot and BlueJ and all things Java so the cost of programming software is nil. We are using Arduino in the engineering and technology principles class and so, outside of the hardware costs, the expense should be minimal. I have dozens of old computers in my garage from twenty years of people asking me to move their data to their new system and then telling me to keep the old one. I even have a fairly new rack and some rack mounted components that we can use in the Maintenance A+ course. I am assuming that we can get away with 1 toolkit per two students and a classroom set of cable testers or crimpers. The Arduino comes with breadboard and jumpers and components are cheap but we will need multimeters and basic tools. WHERE DOES A PERSON START TO FIGURE THIS BUDGET THING OUT!?!?

I would greatly appreciate any input from anyone who has initiated a high school computer science program. We are offering basic programming using Greenfoot and BlueJ. We offer an A+ certification as well as Principles of Engineering and Technology. We are planning on a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 15 kids in each class. I know the materials I want to include but I also know that I don’t know everything I will need. To all CS and Tech. Educators, please help. Respond via comments and I will send you more contact info. Any input will help. Thanks.


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