When ‘a you blink LEDs and a’ you write code in C that’s Arduino (Hey, it’s all I could come up with)

arduinoI plan to emphasize electronics engineering for the Intro. to Engineering and Technology class. Yes I know I have to teach mechanics, heat, and motion but I am really going to push electrical circuit design. To facilitate that I plan to use the Arduino microprocessor and it’s attendant programming environment. I can purchase the Arduino starter kits from Amazon for about $50 per group of two students. One can code and one can build and then swap out the next project. Does anyone out there use this equipment? I have found several tutorials that will port over into consecutive lessons but I am wondering if there is a packaged curriculum available. Any input would be appreciated.

So far I have Arduino for the Intro. to Engineering and Tech. class.  NXT Legos for robotics, Greenfoot for Basic Programming and BlueJ for Advanced Programming.  I hope these kids appreciate all this research I am doing.  At least I hope they find the material interesting.  My goal is to make sure that whatever class and whatever technology we are using, it involves writing some type of code.  We will be doing some batch files in the A+ class and even some HTML in the Introduction to Computer Science class.  Any other suggestions would be appreciated.


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