You Get An A+ (Certification)

compFor my final education technology tool I am going to report on a relationship that I have become a part of through one of the most widely recognized industry certification programs available.  My school has become an authorized academy partner with Comp TIA.  The people that provide A+ certification to computer techs everywhere.  I have 12 students who, in the next few weeks, will be testing for their A+ certification.

Too often, education in America has been accused, not without cause, of lacking relevance.  We try desperately to prepare our students, ALL OUR STUDENTS, for a traditional college education when there are perfectly acceptable careers available that can easily be obtained with a high school diploma and the right training.   Too often we inflict a traditional education on students who have no inclination, aptitude or interest in a traditional college or a career that follows.  We have developed the idea that anyone who doesn’t want to attend Harvard or Yale must have some basic flaw and we label anyone who even suggests that one of our students may, in fact, not be college material as cruel and not having the student’s best interests at heart.  Nothing could be further form the truth.

The partnership with CompTIA costs nothing, and in fact, allows the school to purchase vouchers for certification exams at a greatly reduced prices.  The certifications, in turn, allow students to find rewarding and lucrative careers without the time or money involved in pursuing a traditional degree.  Don’t be caught up in the trap of trying to cram every round peg into a square hole.  Educate your students in things that they are interested in and you will set them on the path to a career they can enjoy AND make a living at.  Lets make high school relevant again and not just a stop along the way to a traditional four year degree.


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