Microsoft is NOT just for Business Anymore

certinsTonight I am offering a program geared specifically for the instructor who wishes to learn, not only more about integrating ICT (Information, Communication Technology) into their classroom, but who is also interested in becoming a better teacher in general.  Education should be geared to the learner.  We need to teach those things which are relevant to the learner’s world and beneficial to the learner’s future.  One way of getting the training that we need as teachers is through the Microsoft Certified Educator program.

Microsoft has created a curriculum that is geared toward providing more than just programs and technology for the teacher.  They provide insight into the “why” as well as the “how”.  Why do we need to integrate technology into the classroom?  Do we use technology for it’s own sake?  The curriculum takes us as teachers and helps us to become learners.  It is important for us, especially in this time of almost forced technology integration, to remember what we are trying to accomplish and why.

It is easy to get caught up in the techno-wave.  My class is building web sites, blogging, producing videos, and writing code.  GREAT!  Why?  Putting technology into a classroom because it is expected of us or because we have to spend a budget to justify it for next year is NOT the goal we are trying to accomplish.  The curriculum presented in the Certified Educator curriculum helps the teacher to understand the most important aspect of technology; when NOT to use it.


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