Lights, Camera, Action…

One piece of software that can be a great benefit to students and educators alike is a free inclusion from Microsoft Windows.  The lowly Movie moviemakerMaker application. is a great addition to your educational arsenal.  Often denigrated by professional video creators, the Microsoft Movie Maker application is probably not a tool for the professional videographer.  It’s simple interface and shallow learning curve, however, make it ideal for students who have no video editing experience.  It allows the neophyte editor to have very acceptable results without spending the time necessary to learn something like Premiere Pro or Sony Vegas.

Movie maker allows students to create a video timeline and then create smooth transitions from scene to scene.  Titles are easy to add and it is possible to add primitive special effects via templates.  Video can be captured through a web cam and audio may be added and edited.  While this is not a perfect solution for a seasoned video editor, middle school and high school students alike will enjoy creating and presenting their work to an audience of their peers.

Schools that use Windows OS will have Movie Maker available and it does not require any specialized hardware.  Most schools have at least one video camera that is compatible through a USB interface or SD card.  Given these resources, students can have a ball learning to present information and ideas through the video medium.


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