The Latest App Smash – OneNote and ShareX: A Great Combination

Introducing a great way to build easily followed lessons and interactive material; the OneNote Classroom Notebook and ShareX, the ultimate screen capture workshop.  ShareX allows you to sahrexOneNOtecapture still and video images from any screen and you can upload it to any possible destination on the web, all from inside the program.  OneNote allows you to build shared lessons and provides a way to present the information (the content library) as well as a way for students to securely complete and turn in assignments (the student area).  These two make a great combination.  ShareX is the best capture software I have ever used.  Find a video that you would like to use but can’t find an app or web site to download it?  ShareX to the rescue (Remember that just because you CAN download or capture a video does not mean you should.  Respect the copyright and the owners)  You can catch whole screens, whole windows, or selected areas just as fast as you can click the “Print Screen” button.  OneNote holds all this material and makes creating interactive lessons and flipped work as easy as pie.  Trust me when I tell you that I can build dozens of lessons per week that are professional looking with plenty of visual material to make learning a breeze.  You DEFINITELY need to try this.


2 thoughts on “The Latest App Smash – OneNote and ShareX: A Great Combination

    • J.T. Thanks for the comment. I have looked for this myself and have come up empty. The best solution I have found for this is to use the “Send to OneNote” app that is native if I really have to go directly to OneNote. (Sometimes I just don’t want to edit or do anything else with the pictures or whatever I am clipping.)


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