Weather or Not…(I know I know…Not very original)

I had mention once before that a weather station was an excellent addition to a Computer Science classroom, not only for the interest it generates, but also for a source of data to practice formatting and manipulating.  I recently purchased an Ambient Weather Observer 1400 IP to fulfill this purpose.  It allows me to upload data to  Click the link.  That is my personal weather station data uploaded every few seconds.  Weather Underground has an interesting take on crowd-sourcing that other agencies of this type should look at.  They get their weather data, in part, from hundreds of thousands of private weather stations across the country.  All these data points added together ideally should make for a very accurate forecast.  My computer science class will be able to create an application that downloads XML data from the web site and imports it into a SQL Server for further review.  We hope to develop our own model for prediction as soon as we get enough data points to start looking at the numbers statistically.




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