TCEA 2017 is a GO!!

I just got my acceptance letter to present a premiere session at TCEA 2017 in Austin, TX tbusyhis year.  I will be presenting Arduino and the Internet of Things on Monday, Feb. 6 at 8:00 am.  You will need a premiere admission to attend as this is a half-day “hands-on” session.  I would LOVE to see someone there who is also a blog reader.  Speaking of which, I know I have been remiss in posting but this year has been incredibly busy.  I have nine (NINE!!) preps this year.  Seven classes, two of which run two classes concurrently.  Needless to say I am very overloaded.  Also, my fledgling music career is moving forward.  Fifth Sparrow completed their summer tour of West Texas and also played the Whitesboro Peanut Festival.  So before you chide me for inattentiveness, please be aware that I am not just being lazy.


Dos Doceri Por Favor

Do you have an iPad or a Microsoft Surface?  Do you have a PC hooked to a white board in your room?  Would you like for them to work together from anywhere in the room?.  Idocerimagine letting the students come up to work on the board and then resetting it from across the room. This is your lucky day.  The Doceri tablet/PC remote system makes presentations and controlling systems as easy as Pi (lol).

Doceri allows the presenter to remotely control any PC or Apple desktop using any iPad or Windows tablet with the app installed.  The desktop must have the Doceri host installed.  The tablet must have the Doceri client application.  The two connect over a wireless network to allow the user to open and close programs, create documents.  In short, anything you can do sitting at the PC you can do from anywhere in the room.  In addition, the Doceri app includes tools to mark up and highlight anywhere on the screen you happen to be working on.  These markups will appear on the projected image from the desktop.  This is a great tool to emphasize material when lecturing or demonstrating and allows you to point out important points during a whiteboard lesson.

The app/host combination is free to evaluate but a license fee of $30 will remove the watermark and popup nag screen from the application.  The price of registering also includes a web based tutorial for educators to learn the finer points of Doceri and it’s capabilities.  For you flippers out there, Doceri will allow you to record presentations, including markups, and post them to the Internet.  The Doceri company is perfectly willing to accept Purchase Orders from educational institutions.  If you don’t have access to an Apple or Windows PC, Doceri will also work with an iPad using Airplay to share the presentation to a flat-screen monitor.  In short, Doceri is a great tool for presentations of all kind.  It works with Airplay, whiteboards, or it can turn an ordinary projector into an interactive presentation.